Meet The Gardeners

Carrie MacKay
Carrie MacKay
Owner / Designer / Artist

Fun, passion, loyalty, and excellence are Carrie’s key values.  She loves to improve everything visual and creates to impress!  (she lives for the “WOW!”)  Creating the “look and feel” that best suits your company’s personality in all areas from brand identity & print design to hand painted windows and illustrations.

Carrie began her career in 1992, receiving her Diploma in Graphic Design & Communications from UFV, but has been drawing, creating & painting since she could hold a crayon… (therefore playful illustrations & paintings are her specialty) On the personal side, Carrie loves the outdoors & new adventures…  with her new trusty side-kick “Fender Bender” they’re always up to something! – probably planning doggy play dates, taking pictures or getting their paws dirty in the garden.

Irene Stevenson
Irene Stevenson
Artist & Window Painter

Irene is our star artist on call! Carrie & Irene love to paint together, (and eat doughnuts & candy) but when that’s not possible Irene can take our designs and paint them on anything! (She can also whip up her own in a jiffy too!) From window paintings, murals, and hand painted signs to illustrations & sketches. Irene is also Fender’s favorite doggy sitter… he just doesn’t know it yet. (she used to let Carrie’s last dog “Bella”sleep in her children’s beds and receive snacks from the table!!!)  On a side note, Irene is also great for good advice… And often Carrie’s voice of reason when she ‘s thinking of doing something that might be sort of bad, she run’s it past Irene just to check how bad it would really be before doing it.  lol.  (50/50 chance of getting talked out of it – or approval) 🙂

Adrienne Bergsma
Kirsten van Hattem
Graphic Designer

For those of you who have been with us for a while, you’ll remember Kirsten!  (She was a full time part of our team for 7 years)  Around about the time we moved to Fort Langley, she moved further away (too far to drive everyday really) so now she works as a freelance designer for us!  A win-win solution.  Kirsten LOVES camping and sleeping on the ground to feel connected with nature.  Ha ha – just kidding. 🙂  But actually she’s been a little more outdoorsy now that she’s married Geoff – I’ve seen pictures of them quading together! what a great pair!