WALL MURALS: We DESIGN | DRAW | PAINT & CREATE  Custom “hand painted” murals to suit your needs from concept to creation.  Whether it’s a mural for the wall of your business, home, or your children’s walls / bedroom mural, we’ll definately make your walls more interesting to look at!  We create large and small scale artwork using acrylic paints, (and mixed digital graphics for corporate murals)

We’re known for our unique “STORYBOOK STYLE” – a whimsical, colourful & friendly looking style… that’s so much fun! Big and Little kids just love it! (BUT we’re certainly able to create a variety of different styles) – just let us know what you have in mind!

HOME OR OFFICE FEATURE WALLS… engage your customers guests with pictures, shapes and words that convey your unique vision. It can be a mix of MURAL & SIGNAGE – we can digitally print it or paint it & make it!  Really unique.

ALL COMPLETELY CREATIVE & CUSTOM MADE – we design. draw. paint & create!

The Graphic Garden – WHERE GOOD IDEAS GROW!