They’re My First Choice


I’m sure many business owners are like me. They know that advertising and promotion of the business is critical. Also, most business owners don’t have any knowledge of types of files, pixels, or anything related to graphics but many know what looks good. We’re also challenged by time and other projects. Graphic Garden was being used by a sister company so it was natural to give them a chance. They put together a complicated catalog with language changes and different graphics and I was so happy with the result that I asked if they could do some rollup banners (trade show type) to complement the catalog. I was working on the roll-ups with another company that was afraid to take a risk or think outside the box and it was frustrating with the amount of back and forth. Graphic Garden took the project and had it done within a week. The outcome was beyond my expectations and it would be well worth someone’s time to have them be their silent partner for image management. They’re my first choice.